June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month!

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) Pride Month is celebrated every June to honor the 1969 Stonewall Uprising in Manhattan, the tipping point for the Gay Liberation Movement in the United States.1

The Once and Future Witches / Alix E. Harrow. 
In the late 1800s, three sisters use witchcraft to change the course of history in a Hugo award-winning author’s novel of magic amid the suffragette movement. 

Manhunt / Gretchen Felker-Martin 
Beth and Fran spend their days traveling the ravaged New England coast, hunting feral men and harvesting their organs…Robbie lives by his gun and one hard-learned motto: other people aren’t safe. After a brutal accident entwines the three of them, this found family of survivors must navigate murderous TERFs, a sociopathic billionaire bunker brat…all while outrunning packs of feral men, and their own demons 

Malice / Heather Walter 
In this darkly magical retelling of Sleeping Beauty, Alyce, an evil sorceress, finds an ally in Princess Aurora and wonders if she can lift Aurora’s curse so that together they can forge a new world. 

The Charm Offensive / Alison Cochrun 
Successful producer on the long-running reality dating show Ever After, Dev Deshpande, with his own love life in complete disarray, falls for contestant Charlie Winshaw who has better chemistry with him than any of his female co-stars. 

Love & Other Disasters / Anita Kelly 
While competing on a popular cooking show, Dahlia Woodson stirs up trouble when she gets involved with a nonbinary contestant, and as their relationship heats up both in and out of the kitchen, she wonders if they have the right ingredients for a happily ever after 

Chef’s Kiss / TJ Alexander 
A perfectionist pastry chef working at a cookbook publisher must learn how to deal with the obnoxiously chipper new kitchen manager who begins softening her heart and comes out as nonbinary to mixed reactions at work. 

Boyfriend Material / Alexis Hall 
Fabricating a respectable relationship with a man with whom he shares nothing in common when his rock-star father’s comeback leads to unwanted attention, Luc stages publicity-friendly dates that become complicated by all-too-real feelings. 

A Marvellous Light / Freya Marske 
Robin Blyth is accidentally named the civil service liaison to a hidden magical society and is forced to contend with the beauty and danger operating beneath normal reality while uncovering what happened to his predecessor. 

Light from Uncommon Stars / Ryka Aoki
To reclaim her damned soul, a gifted, but cursed violinist must take on seven students and try to entice each to trade their soul for fame while a starship captain races to stop the end of existence. 

Delilah Green Doesn’t Care / Ashley Herring Blake 
Pressured into photographing her estranged step-sister’s wedding, Delilah Green reluctantly returns home to Bright Falls where she finds herself falling for one of the stuck-up bridesmaids after the pair are forced together during party preparations. 

We Do What We Do in the Dark / Michelle Hart 
Long after the end of an affair with an older, married woman, Mallory retreats into herself and must decide whether to stay safely in isolation or step fully into the world to confront how much the woman altered her life, for better or worse. 

You Made a Fool of Death with Your Beauty / Akwaeke Emezi 
Learning how to feel joy while healing from loss, Feyi Adekola starts dating the perfect guy, but discovers she has feelings for someone else who is off limits and must decide just how far she is willing to go for a second chance at love. 

Secret City: The Hidden History of Gay Washington / James Kirchick 
Drawing on declassified documents, interviews and materials unearthed from presidential libraries and archives around the country, this chronicle of American politics illuminates how homosexuality shaped each successive presidential administration through the end of the 20th century. 

To Paradise / Hanya Yanagihara 
Spanning three centuries and three different versions of the American experiment, an unforgettable cast of characters are united by their reckonings with the qualities that make us human—fear, love, shame, need and loneliness 

Real Easy / Marie Rutkoski 
In 1999, Georgia, a dancer at the Lovely Lady strip club, is drawn into the investigation of two fellow dancers—one dead and one missing—as she tries to assist a Harvard-educated detective with a complicated story of her own. 

Perpetual West / by Mesha Maren 
When her husband, who, unbeknownst to her, has fallen in love with a lucha libra fighter, goes missing, Elana can’t determine whether he left of his own accord or was kidnapped, forcing her to face who she really is.