Television & Book Pairings

Were you left bored after binging an entire series?  Try one of these book pairings to fill the void!

If you liked The Big Bang Theory, try reading The Rosie Project

The Rosie Project / by Graeme Simsion
Don Tillman, a profesor of genetics, sets up a project designed to find him the perfect wife, starting with a questionnaire that has to be adjusted a little as he goes along. Then he meets Rosie, who is everything he’s not looking for in a wife, but she ends up his friend as he helps her try and find her biological father.

If you liked The Boys, try reading Hench

Hench / by Natalie Zina Walschots
A novel of love, betrayal, revenge, and redemption follows a young woman as she discovers that the greatest superpower–for good or evil–is a properly executed spreadsheet.

If you liked Dublin Murders, try reading Bent Road

Bent Road / by Lori Roy
Celia Scott and her family move back to her husband’s hometown in Kansas, where his sister died under mysterious circumstances twenty years before and where Celia and two of her children struggle to adjust–especially when a local girl disappears.

Did you also know the show was based on a series of books?
In the Woods (book 1 of the Dublin Murder Squad Series) / by Tana French
Twenty years after witnessing the violent disappearances of two companions from their small Dublin suburb, detective Rob Ryan investigates a chillingly similar murder that takes place in the same wooded area, a case that forces him to piece together his traumatic memories.

If you liked Emily in Paris, try reading Sex and the City

Sex and the City / by Candace Bushnell
A columnist’s examination of the celebrity affairs and sexual liaisons indulged in by the members of the cultural elite is seen through the experiences of a troubled writer, a mega-businessman, a famous underwear model, and others.

If you liked The Haunting of Bly Manor, try reading The Turn of the Key

The Turn of the Key / by Ruth WareWhen a high-paying nanny job at a luxurious Scottish Highlands home culminates in her imprisonment for a child’s murder, a young woman struggles to untangle what really happened.

Did you also know the show was based on a book?
The Turn of the Screw / by Henry James
The classic ghost story about a high-strung governess and the two young children who may, or may not, be plotting with the diabolical Peter Quint.

If you liked The Haunting of Hill House, try reading Home before Dark

Home Before Dark / by Riley Sager
Twenty-five years after her father published a wildly popular nonfiction book based on her family’s rushed exit from a haunted Victorian estate, naysayer Maggie inherits the house and begins renovations, only to make a number of disturbing discoveries.

Did you also know the show was based on a book?
The Haunting of Hill House / by Shirley JacksonWhen four seekers arrive at a notorious old mansion, their stay seems destined to be merely a spooky encounter with inexplicable phenomena, but Hill House is gathering its powers and will soon choose one of them to make its own.

If you liked The Half of It, try reading On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous

On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous / by Ocean Vuong
A letter from a son to a mother who cannot read reveals the impact of the Vietnam War on their family history and provides a view into parts of the son’s life that his mother has never known.

If you liked The Last Dance, try reading Basketball: Great Writing about America’s Game

Basketball: Great Writing about America’s Game / by Alexander Wolff
A collection of some of the greatest writing about basketball from the last eighty years, offering in-depth profiles of the legendary players and franchises in the sport.

If you liked Little Fires Everywhere, try reading Such a Fun Age

Such a Fun Age / by Kiley Reid
Seeking justice for a young black babysitter who was wrongly accused of kidnapping by a racist security guard, a successful blogger finds her efforts complicated by a video that reveals unexpected connections.

Did you also know that the show was based on a book?
Little Fires Everywhere / by Celeste Ng
Fighting an ugly custody battle with an artistic tenant who has little regard for the strict rules of their progressive Cleveland suburb, a straitlaced family woman who is seeking to adopt a baby becomes obsessed with exposing the tenant’s past, only to trigger devastating consequences for both of their families.

If you liked The Lovebirds, try reading Wow, No Thank You

Wow, No Thank You / by Samantha Irby
A new collection of humorous and edgy essays from the author of Meaty and We Are Never Meeting in Real Life that highlight the ups and downs of aging, marriage and living with step-children in small-town Michigan.

If you liked Lovecraft Country, try reading The City We Became

The City We Became / by N.K. Jemison
This first book of an exciting new series by a Hugo Award-winning author takes readers into the dark underbelly of New York City, where a roiling, ancient evil stirs in the halls of power, threatening to destroy the city and her six newborn avatars.

Did you know the show was based on a book?
Lovecraft Country / by Matt Ruff
In 1954, young Army veteran Atticus Turner travels to New England with his uncle and childhood friend to search for his missing father, only to encounter human and supernatural terrors at the estate of a descendant of slave owners.

If you liked Mad Men, try reading Revolutionary Road

Revolutionary Road / by Richard Yates
The devastating effects of work, adultery, rebellion, and self-deception slowly destroy the once successful marriage of Frank and April Wheeler, a suburban American couple.

If you liked Mrs. America, try reading Sharp

Sharp: The Women Who Made an Art of Having an Option / by Michelle Dean
An acclaimed, award-winning literary critic combines biography and cultural history to highlight the lives of brilliant, quick-witted women writers who became influential at a time where women were still second class citizens, including Dorothy Parker, Rebecca West and Susan Sontag.

If you liked Normal People, tryreading Exciting Times

Exciting Times / by Naoise Dolan
An intimate, bracingly intelligent debut novel about a millennial Irish expat who becomes entangled in a love triangle with a male banker and a female lawyer

Did you also know that the show was based on a book?
Normal People / by Sally Rooney
The unconventional secret childhood bond between a popular boy and a lonely, intensely private girl is tested by character reversals in their first year at a Dublin college that render one introspective and the other social, but self-destructive.

If you liked Ozark, try reading Night Boat to Tangier

Night Boat to Tangier / by Kevin Barry
Two Irish drug-smuggling partners reevaluate a career marked by betrayal and exile during a vigil in a sketchy Spanish ferry terminal where one of them would reconnect with an estranged daughter.

If you liked Peaky Blinders, try reading The Wettest County in the World

The Wettest County in the World: A Novel Based on a True Story / by Matt Boudurant
Running moonshine liquor during the prohibition years, a notorious trio of brothers continues their illicit business after prohibition and play a central role in a violent conspiracy trial–a story that is investigated in 1935 by a magazine journalist.

If you liked Queer Eye, try reading Old in Art School

Old in Art School / by Nell Irvin Painter
A Princeton University historian describes her post-retirement decision to study art, a venture that compelled her to find relevance in the undervalued masters she loves, the obstacles faced by women artists, and the challenges of balancing art and life.

Also, check out these books by the stars of the show:
Karamo: My Story of Embracing Purpose, Healing, and Hope / by Karamo Brown
The culture expert from Netflix’s “Queer Eye” shares his story, exploring how the challenges in his own life have allowed him to transform the lives of those in need.

Naturally Tan: A Memoir / by Tan FranceThe Queer Eye star and designer recounts his complicated early life as a closeted gay youth from a traditional South Asian family in Yorkshire, sharing insights into his coming of age, emergence as an artist and happy marriage.
Antoni in the Kitchen / by Antoni PorowskiA star of Netflix’s Queer Eye shows home cooks how to make delicious creations in the kitchen but still stay casual, in a full-color cookbook that includes such recipes as Bastardized Easy Ramen, Malaysian Chili Shrimp, Roasted Carrots With Carrot-Top Pesto, and Salty Lemon Squares.
Over the Top: A Raw Journey to Self-Love / by Johnathan Van Ness
The style-expert star of Queer Eye shares deeply personal stories from his Midwestern childhood, revealing how he channeled his passions and setbacks into the positive energy that shaped his signature brand.

If you liked Supernatural, try reading American Gods

American Gods / by Neil Gaiman
Just released from prison, Shadow encounters Mr. Wednesday, an enigmatic stranger who seems to know a lot about him, and when Mr. Wednesday offers him a job as his bodyguard, Shadow accepts and is plunged into a dark and perilous world.

If you liked the Tiger King, try reading No Beast So Fierce

No Beast So Fierce / by Dane Huckelbridge
A true account of the deadliest animal of all time, the Champawat Tiger–responsible for killing more than four hundred humans in northern India and Nepal in the first decade of the twentieth century–and the hunter who finally brought it down.

If you liked Twin Peaks, try reading Still Life with Woodpecker

Still Life with Woodpecker / by Tom Robbins
A love story that takes place inside a pack of cigarettes reveals the moon’s purpose, differentiates between outlaws and criminals, and presents portraits of powerful Arabs, exiled royalty, and pregnant cheerleaders.

If you liked You, try reading The Book of You

The Book of You / by Claire Kendal
While serving jury duty, university administrator Clarissa realizes that the disturbingly violent crime unfolding in front of her parallels to recent events in her own life as she becomes the obsession of her colleague who has crossed the line between fantasy and reality, love and compulsion.

Did you also know the show was based on a book?
You / by Caroline Kepnes
Meeting at an East Village bookstore, aspiring writer Guinevere Beck and store employee Joe embark on an intimate relationship, only to suffer deadly consequences when their passion spirals out of control.