Dan Brown Read-Alikes

Da Vinci Code Angels & Demons Lost Symbol

Berry, Steve Templar Legacy
Attorney and novelist Steve Berry brings a love of history and meticulous research to his thrillers, which frequently involve conspiracies spanning the globe. With well-drawn characters, fast-paced narratives, vivid descriptions and integration of historical events, Berry’s novels – whether series or stand-alone – crackle with page-turning excitement. His series protagonist, Cotton Malone, a former federal agent, and a recurring cast of characters develop over a series of novels. Start with: The Templar Legacy.

Caldwell, Ian Rule of Four
Ian Caldwell is a Princeton graduate who capitalized on the lifestyle at Princeton and the popularity of scholars as protagonists in suspense stories. He has written a historical mystery with a touch of friendship and love. Start with: The Rule of Four.

Case, John Genesis Code
As John Case, Jim and Carolyn Hougan write complex and intricately plotted stand-alone thrillers. These intriguing, character-centered dramas feature amateurs caught up in deadly investigations, sometimes with the fate of the world at stake. The sympathetically-portrayed protagonists contrast sharply with the nefarious villains, and their often violent conflicts play out in breathlessly paced and frighteningly plausible plots that frequently involve scientific experiments and disasters. The dark, disturbing tone underlines the intense and suspenseful story lines, as conspiracies and deadly secrets propel readers to the satisfying conclusion. Start with: The Genesis Code.

Eco, Umberto Name of the Rose
Italian Umberto Eco has wide and deep intellectual interests, primarily in the study/use of symbols. His fiction uses humorous, well-crafted prose to consider a range of themes and topics; gem-like descriptions are embedded in his engrossing narratives. He skillfully plays with language to provoke thought and to make a point, and this language play remains clear even in translation. Eco always tells an engaging story. His popular nonfiction examines topics such as popular culture, literature, the arts, aesthetics, and history. Start with: The Name of the Rose.

Khoury, Raymond Last Templar
Raymond Khoury’s adventure novels feel as if they are ripped from movie screens. With tight plotting, action set pieces, brief exposition scenes and a quick pace, Khoury’s works are page-turners. Combining ancient and contemporary conflicts, intrigue, heroics and believable villainy, Khoury’s stories, while similar to other contemporary works, distinguish themselves with their cinematic vigor. Start with: The Last Templar.

Meltzer, Brad Book of Fate
Brad Meltzer’s fast-paced, suspenseful thrillers are set in carefully researched legal, financial, and political arenas. His genuine, often naive heroes find themselves fighting against dangerous and power-obsessed, paranoid forces after making one bad choice; their efforts to extricate themselves (and others) from the webs of conspiracy and corruption they’re caught in make for page-turning intrigues with surprisingly little violence. Along with likable heroes and tons of insider detail, moral and ethical issues figure prominently. Start with: The Zero Game.

Mosse, Kate Labyrinth
Kate Mosse is the author of the # 1 International bestseller LABYRINTH, and a presenter for BBC television and radio in London. Born in 1961, she grew up in West Sussex, England, she read English at Oxford and holds honorary MAs from Oxford and Chichester Universities. A publisher for seven years, she is the Co-Founder & Honorary Director of the Orange Prize for Fiction and the Orange Award for New Writers, the prestigious annual literary awards celebrating international writing in English by women.

McGowan, Kathleen The Expected One

Van Lustbader, Eric The Testament


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